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A peaceful therapeutic place in Clerkenwell: St John Cloister Garden

I feel very lucky to be able to provide therapy in Clerkenwell, not least because of the great number of quiet and beautiful places in the area that can inspire and rejuvenate

The Cloister Garden at the Museum of the Order of St John is definitely one such. This picture was taken earlier in the year (er, obviously – given the weather today on a chilly December!)

It was a hot, sweltering day when I took the picture and there were all sorts of bees and insects buzzing around doing their thing with the garden's flowers. I like that it's ordered and tended in the garden but also quite wild. It's a good blend, I think.

A picture of the Cloister Garden at the Museum of the Order of St John in Clerkenwell
A therapeutic Clerkenwell spot: Summer in The Cloister Garden (Picture: Al Tyers)

The contrast with the weather today couldn't be more different: dark, cold and pouring down, but I came across the picture and it made me remember that even though today is rainy, it might not always be like that.

Even on grim days, it can be helpful to remember that the sun has shone before, and that it will shine again.

I have been wondering if it might be therapeutic for some clients to have walking therapy in Clerkenwell, given all the inspiring and calm places we have round about.

Many people have understandable concerns about resuming face-to-face therapy. And although online therapy, which I also offer, can be very beneficial and sustaining, it might not be suitable for everyone.

Some people might not feel comfortable with the technology, for instance, and there might also be situations where it is hard for a person to find a quiet, safe and private space at home.

Again, it probably wouldn't be ideal to start in December (!) but if you would like to consider walking therapy in Clerkenwell or outdoor therapy that is something I'd be very happy to discuss.

In the meantime: a little picture of calm and warm solace in Clerkenwell, and thoughts of brighter days that may be around the corner.


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