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New Year resolutions and therapy

View of London from Southwark Bridge
Looking back towards Clerkenwell and St Paul's from Southwark Bridge, Christmas Day 2020

In January, or at least in normal Januarys, many of us make resolutions, and sometimes these are to take the plunge and begin therapy.

I would say that there is never a bad time to start spending some time in a safe and supportive environment thinking about your life and yourself.

It might be that something is going terribly – a divorce, finances, a relationship or whatever and you need a place to unpack what is going on.

It might be that there are a variety of issues, or just a gradual sense that life is not working out how you planned, that things are not going your way, that you always seem to end up hurt and disappointed in the same ways.

Could be a general malaise, a feeling of things not being right.

All of these and many more are absolutely valid reasons, and if you are having those feelings now,. then for sure you should seek counselling.

But the media, society, other people can all put pressure on us in January to feel that we must MAKE CHANGES and BE OUR BEST SELVES and all sorts of other usually well-meaning but often quite unhelpful demands.

The arbitrary idea that you have to make a fresh start on such-and-such a date seems to me to be not always best for any one person.

I think this is in part why so often we have grand resolutions and then feel bad about ourselves when, come February, we are not going to the gym or only eating kale or whatever it is.

Change in any format requires patience and can be a struggle. I think that applies to therapy as much as anything else. If this is the right time, then great. If not, find that resolution later in the new year...


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